Stratus Blue simplifies I.T. sales and technology services so you can concentrate on your business and your customers.

Whether you are looking for a partner to help you develop and deliver your I.T. Strategy; an experienced and trusted Managed I.T. Services Provider; or just need I.T. Hardware, Software and Accessories at great prices then look no further than Stratus Blue. 

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  • Office 365

  • Xero

  • Safe 365

  • Antivirus

  • Monitoring

  • Laptops

  • Desktop PC's

  • Servers

  • WAPS, UPS, Switches, NAS, Firewalls

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Technical Support

  • VOIP/Telephony

  • Internet

  • Backup Services

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

  • Hosting Services and Document Storage


Stratus Blue offers a number of I.T. support plans designed to suit differing business types sizes and aspirations.  

Whether you are cloud focussed, physical on prem-orientated or somewhere in between, we have plans to suit your business. If you are a unique business or just want something more specific to your needs we can also tailor a bespoke package for you.

Talk to us today to find the perfect I.T. support package for your business.

Stratus Blue provides many different "AS A SERVICE" solutions.

The "AS A SERVICE" (aaS) model works by shifting the mechanism of I.T. expenditure away from the traditional CAPEX model to an OPEX spending model. Many companies now employ the "AS A SERVICE" model for I.T. purchasing, as it removes the need to produce a large sum of capital at a specific point in time. By spreading that payment out over the period of use instead (similar to a lease) companies can worry less about how to fund large technology purchases and worry more about their actual business duties.

Stratus Blue's SBaaS solutions can be simple "off the shelf" style services, or bespoke/complex and tailored to your specific requirements. 


  • BUSINESS AGILITY (Provision and de-provision resources in less time)



  • RIGID ELASTICITY (Scalability) 


If employed correctly by experienced providers like Stratus Blue, "AS A SERVICE" modelling can provide impressive savings for businesses regardless of their size or I.T. dependancy.

Talk to us today to learn more about Stratus Blue as a Service solutions.

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