Tony Snow

Tony Snow is CE of Tauranga Based professional IT services support company Stratus Blue. Tony is not a tech head, not an IT person and is amazed with the number of acronyms in the IT sector. Now he finds himself as a translator of geek to human, and what the IT or technology can do to assist with business objectives. Stratus Blue focuses on minimising risk and enabling growth.


Tony spent 10+ years overseas been involved in multinational companies, not for profits, startups and sell outs before returning back to New Zealand. Roles have been across organisations such as sales, operations, projects, governance, business ownership, to his current business and charity interests.


Tony has a broad knowledge of business and commercial acumen with interests in technology and the advantages of the right technology for the right purpose in a business. He loves to see IT doing what IT should when IT should by who IT should.


Tony and his wife, a self employed personal trainer, have 3 primary school children including twin boys and answers his own emails which keep him busy. In his spare time he tries to come up with Dad Jokes and does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person!


Tony Snow

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