Lokesh Attarde

Lokesh Attarde Joined the Straus Blue family recently, bringing with him a wealth of experience and loads of enthusiasm. I quizzed him quickly this month to get the deal on where he comes from, what he believes in and why he thinks Stratus Blue was the company is for him. 

His interest in technology actually dates right back to when he was 10 years old. While working on a science project at school he discovered that technology is an important part of the economy and he's been interested ever since.

Lokesh believes that by surrounding yourself with the right kind of people you are sure to succeed and that was one of the reasons he wanted to work for Stratus Blue. He was attracted to the company as he feels the team all act professionally and he particularly enjoys the team’s 10.00am morning ritual. The "Huddle" which is similar to the agile scrum meeting methodology. 
He had been working alongside Stratus Blue for many years and felt it was a seamless shift into the team. And likewise, from the team’s perspective, it’s been a pleasure to have Lokesh come on board. Welcome to the Stratus Blue family Lokesh! 

His best tip to businesses looking to improve through technology is to ask questions first. Don't get tied up trying to solve everything yourself. Call the Stratus Blue team any time for support. 

Thanks, Lokesh and looking forward to working alongside you!

Lokesh Attarde

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