ZOOM keyboard shortcuts

We are constantly looking at how we can be doing things better and making peoples lives easier, every day.

We’re huge fans of keyboard shortcuts. With some zoom fatigue settling in for some clients (kudos for those using Microsoft teams as part of their Office 365 licences!) we wanted to share this with you.

We found it very useful to have a cheatsheet to remind us of how best to quickly handle interactions within zoom calls.

Here’s some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for participants of zoom multi-person calls.

For PC Alt+Y: Raise/lower hand Alt+V: Start/Stop Video Alt+A: Mute/unmute audio Alt+U: Display/hide Participants panel Alt+F: Enter or exit full screen MAC Option+Y: Raise hand/lower hand Command(⌘)+Shift+V: Start/stop video Command(⌘)+Shift+A: Mute/unmute audio Command(⌘)+U: Display/hide Participants panel Command(⌘)+Shift+F: Enter or exit full screen See a full list of currently supported Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts here.

As always, give our team a call if you want to discuss alternatives to video conferencing or need any more advice!


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