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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Thinking of working from home? Easy choice to make - picking the right tools for the job? Not so easy!

Work from home? There's actually a more than remote chance you're a part of a growing cohort of people who have chosen better balance. Here's why Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 is your ideal companion.

Locally, and around the world, more folks than ever before are opting to ditch the corporate grind, set up a workspace at home, and combine productivity with leisure, family and lifestyle. But to do so effectively, you need the best tools for the job – and when it comes to a computer, nothing can hold a candle to Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2.

Before looking at what makes the Surface Laptop 2 an ideal modern home office companion, let's first consider what sort of company 'work from homers' find themselves in. Good company, as it happens. For starters, Forbes Magazine says 'remote work' is becoming a standard operating model.

Way back in 2009, the Ministry for Social Development noted the dramatic rise in those looking for and getting flexible work. We even have a law for it: the Employment Relations (Flexible Working Arrangements) Amendment Act 2007. And you'll know more than a few folks who, like you, no longer bother with traffic, office politics or cube farms.

The 'work from home' old hands know that productivity depends on several key factors: your office space might be at home, but it should be professional. Your equipment should be as good or better than the stuff used by those trapped in the rat race. Distractions should be minimised.

And that's what brings us to Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2. This device is the 'wunderkind' of the laptop genre. Forget about the MacBook Air: The Surface is more compatible and more capable. Despite that, it is lighter, more powerful and more…familiar… (used on three quarters of the world's computers, Windows is practically ubiquitous in the offices of the clients you're working for).

There are two ways of looking at the Surface Laptop 2 and its suitability for your home office. The first is on specifications, or something computer nerds like to call 'speeds and feeds'. The second is usability.

Let's start with those specs. And yes, we need to compare to establish context, so we'll do so by pitting a Surface Laptop 2 against a comparably-equipped MacBook Air.

Here are some figures:

A Surface Laptop 2 is 1.6 times faster1With a battery lasting 1.5 hours longer2And a (marginally) thinner case with a weight of 1.26 kilograms3

And yet, the Surface Laptop 2 is a fully functional, 8th Gen Intel Core based computer.

These three factors are significant because they show that Microsoft wins in two of arguably the most significant categories for home office users: portability and battery life.

It also wins in that key usability category. A full-size 'Chiclet' keyboard is one (very important) thing. Combined with a touchscreen and the Surface pen (which you can use as a pen or as a 'mouse substitute'), the Surface Laptop 2 is far more versatile; the MacBook Air has neither of these advantages. Ding ding, that's a solid round to Surface.

And if you've ever held a Surface Laptop 2 in your hands, or even better tucked one into a bag, you'll appreciate two things: it fits just about anywhere, including the compact power supply, and it is clearly well made. Yes, it's a fine-looking bit of kit.

Then, for those who care about colours and such, the Surface is available in a few of them - Cobalt Blue, Platinum, Burgundy and Black. Finally, despite all these pros, there's one last one every 'work from home' individual is bound to appreciate: The Surface Laptop 2 costs less than a comparably-specced MacBook Air 4. What's not to like.

For more on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, including pricing and specification options, visit

Adapted from original source Microsoft / Advertorial.


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