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Why do IT projects fail? According to technology research giant Gartner, 82% of IT projects fail.

There are 2 main reasons why:

1. No project sponsor. There maybe resource to manage the project but there is no engagement from a project sponsor or no one person for the project manager to be accountable.

2. The executioners or leadership team do not even realise what they are doing is in fact a project and therefore lack the planning required.

In any project there needs to be a plan, a strategy and outcome for the project. When we build a house, we have a plan and an outcome. This is why we do not end up with a toilet in the lounge and we have a dry secure roof over our head.

A Project needs to be scoped, planned and developed with milestones, deliverables, accountability matrix and measurements. Otherwise it will inevitably fail by running over budget, over time, lack of testing or just not get complete. Implementing a CRM, job management tool or inventory application is not necessarily just picking one of the shelf. There needs to be time and resources allocated to make sure it is the right fit for your business and the end user experience.


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