Stratus Stories featuring WAVE Agency

Stratus Blue are proud to work with so many different businesses in the Bay of Plenty. 

Here we have a chat with WAVE, an award winning Creative Communications agency who have been supported by Stratus Blue since 2016.

WAVE’s purpose is very straight-forward, it’s to inspire change through the power of creativity, their vision is to improve people’s lives through meaningful brand experiences.  Their team is driven by a sheer love for what they do and that translates into helping their clients achieve their dreams and aspirations.

This Mount Manguangi based agency is clearly at the top of their field having won not just one award last year, but three awards! With recognition from the local business community, NZ’s sustainability network and their professional industry body.

Let’s find out more about what makes this award winning agency tick and how they are facing the challenges in these difficult times.

What’s been the biggest challenge to your company/organisation during the COVID-19 Crisis?

Uncertainty…. It’s a major factor that has understandably thrown us and the rest of world into turmoil. We are extremely proud of our team who have all embraced our new normal without missing a beat. We have had to adapt and quickly find new ways of collaborating yet still maintain the high quality of our creative output for our clients.

How has technology played a part in enabling you to continue your business as usual activities?

Technology is an essential part of our everyday business but has been the absolute key in our team being able to work from home during this time.

We are fortunate to have partnered with Stratus Blue four years ago and we had put in place robust technology processes and systems that enables us to continue to work seamlessly anywhere in the world. Combined with Stratus Blue’s ability to respond urgently to any troubleshooting in regards to our remote working system (which has been vital and very much appreciated) we’ve been able to set up our team remote working relatively quickly. 

Like most businesses, we have swiftly adapted our way of working to incorporate software that assists our meetings, team work, and processes by utilising software such as Zoom and Slack.

What tips would you give other businesses to help them through this period?

  1. Look after your staff. They are your biggest asset and advocates. Spend the extra time supporting them in the uncertainty COVID-19 has created in terms of their jobs and the impact on their personal lives. Prioritise being interested and invested in them and their world even if it takes extra valuable hours. You will need positive, supportive and talented staff when we get through this so put in the time now.

  2. Start each day with a team meeting (using Zoom or something similar). It’s really important to see people and check in on how they are doing. Many of us are trying to juggle children at home and full time work in a world of uncertainty. A simple check in allows you to find out  who might need support or who has capacity to help others. Without being able to read physical body language in the same way as we are used to face-to-face, a virtual check in and regular communication is even more important.

  3. Book in (virtual) Friday drinks with the team, celebrate what you have achieved that week, what challenges were faced with a light hearted catch up.

  4. Take the time to find a silver lining. There will always be one!

What has been your greatest success and achievement to date?

We’re proud of the staff culture of success we have at WAVE, and we’ve scored in the top

13% of the best companies in the world for staff engagement using Gallups tool Q12, which is used by over 90% of Fortune 500 Companies. 

We are proud to be a multi-award winner. Last year we won the Corporate Citizenship Award at the Tauranga Westpac Business Awards, the New Zealand Sustainable Business Award for Communicating Change, and the StopPress award for ”Best Ad That’s Not an Ad”.  It was a wonderful trifecta of awards from the local business community, NZ’s sustainability network, and our professional industry body. A real testament to our amazing and dedicated team.

What are you most looking forward to doing as a team once lockdown is over?

Coffee at Luca!


Huge thanks to Nicki Everitt, People and Performance Manager at WAVE Agency for sharing her thoughts and tips with us.

To find out more about how WAVE Agency can add creativity and bring your ideas to life, visit


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