Please take this opportunity to review your security practices at a personal and an organisational level.

A new email scam has been identified to be circulating at present. It would be wise to ensure team members are aware so that they are not caught out by this phishing attempt.

The scam is generally being received as an email, advising that they have

Your Password. These passwords will likely be older or past used passwords, as these have been gathered from several security breaches recently occurring to some very large global suppliers. The information then becoming available to the underground dark-net community of hackers and the like.

The emails may differs slightly, and will depend on the target being attacked. but will share some common features;

  • The subject line will likely contain a previously used password.

  • The sender will make a claim intended to scare you, for example: they have used the password to hack your computer, install malware, and record video of you through your webcam. (this is not actually possible with an expired password)

  • Recent examples have mentioned that they would reveal the receivers adult-website habits and send video of them to their contacts unless they received funds in crypto-currency like Bitcoin.

We have heard of 3 examples being referred to locally over the weekend,

to mitigate this type of attack, we recommend these steps:

  • Consider, where feasible, updating your passwords.

  • Turn on two-factor authentication for your work and personal mail.

  • Advise work and personal contacts of this scamming method.

  • Review products such as a Firewall for your business, which will help protect your company IT, should a concerned employee fall for a scam like this and click a link within the email.

  • Ensure your IT equipment is up to date, protected by Antivirus and other security layers.

Please take this opportunity to review your security practices at a personal and an organisational level.

Still concerned?

Talk to us about this issue: / 07 777 0010


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