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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Andrew spent 14 days folowing the Meekong river in his travels through Thailand

When introducing myself to Andrew for the first time,  it only took a few seconds to hit a common note on the topic of Thailand. He mentioned he had spent 10 days with a tour company run by BJ, who runs 250cc motorcycle journeys up the Mekong river (or perhaps more accurately, beside it.)

He didn't travel as far north as Chiang Mai where I am hoping to spend a majority of my time, but he did stop in Bangkok where, he suggested "the first thing to do in Bangkok is get out of Bangkok", which I duly noted! 

He didn't join Stratus Blue to talk about Thailand though, so we diverted back to business: Andrew joins us as Branch Operations Manager with a strong emphasis on the Whakatane District. 

Andrew has spent 8 years looking after a prestigious clientele in the medical profession - many of them time-poor high net worth doctors .

Fortunately for our Whakatane customers, his extensive background in service delivery management is significant. His previous 8 year role as IT Operations Manager for the Medical Assurance Society was a role involving levels of customer service that would possibly surprise and amaze the general consumer. This was to be expected dealing as he did with medical profession clients such as doctors who are excessively time poor.

Branch Operations Manager Whakatane District

He comes to the Bay of Plenty, as many of us have, seeking sunshine and a balanced lifestyle. He needed little persuasion to move away from the hustle and bustle (and wind) of the Capital city. He has served on the executive committee for Upper Hutt Musical Theatre and directed plays, claiming this as one of his personal passions. I had a role once in a play and although that's the limit of my involvement I can categorically confirm that working in theatre is extremely demanding. This high-pressure theatrical experience will undoubtedly benefit those who deal with Andrew in business too. 

Andrew is a huge asset to the team and clients alike, so please join me in welcoming him to Stratus Blue!

Want to touch base with Andrew? Contact him here: 021970767

Paul Cousins


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