New Starter!

Paul Cousins meets New Starter Amy and makes sure all the important questions are asked.

Stratus Blue would like to welcome Amy McIntyre to the team using our official welcome process: Serve a Grilling!

I met Amy McIntrye, the latest addition to the Stratus Blue Family this morning. She was Fresh out of University but quick-witted and clever as I attempt to make it as awkward as possible she navigates my banter like a pro, dishing it back and happily having a laugh.

"Fresh out of University, but quick-witted and clever.."

Amy came on-board to help us with first-line support queries and admin. All the tough stuff. So I put her through the paces by asking the tough questions like below.

Over the past few years, she has been earning a Bachelor Computer sciences, specialising in Applied computing. this sounded very formidable and not knowing exactly what it meant I pressed on as if I knew,

Whilst studying, she earnt her keep as a barista, so this part of the discussion was much more to my liking as we did a quick deep dive into the importance of coffee in business.

A self-confessed geek, Amy enthused "only gaming!!" when asked if she had any addictions. 90's retro classics appeared to be her drug of choice.

Her favourite hobby was walking the dog, which makes her a dog person. I am a cat person. It's possible there may be some contention around this in later discussions.

Her family situation was a little concerning though. When I asked if she had any siblings she said it was a little complex; She had 1 full brother, 1 half-brother, 2 half-sisters.

Now, to me this equals 2.5 whole people - which agreed must make for an interesting Sunday family roast...

Overall I felt that Amy was a capable and personable character, that even though her family may be .5 people short of a full picnic it will still be great to have her join the team.

Welcome to the team Amy.


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