Humanising Technology For SMEs

Tony and Eric, Directors of I.T. company Stratus Blue Ltd, like to get hands-on with technology in Tauranga - no easy feat when the area is one of the fastest developing centres in the country. New businesses are popping up as an exodus from Auckland ensues bringing a wave of new I.T. expectations and challenges for the region to resolve.

Fortunately, the modern approach that Stratus Blue takes welcomes these challenges.

The company's goal of "translating human to geek" means it's not necessary for clients to know what the problem is or might be called. The client simply advises they have an issue and the Stratus Blue team can jump in and resolve the issue, providing a summary of the issue and resolution in simple terms if needed.

But these services are not restricted to new or small businesses. Stratus Blue has the ability to scale with businesses all the way up to medium-sized enterprises, of 100 or so employees, This means a larger company can access services that a one-man band can afford - and conversely, one man band sized businesses can leverage the tools and services Enterprise companies enjoy.

Overall this provides a modern, full-flavoured platform available for businesses of all ages shapes and sizes.

if you would like to learn more about how Stratus Blue can help you, please call today for a free no obligation consultation.

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