This week is Stratus Blue Ltd's birthday and marks 3 years of official operations trading under the limited liability title - but Stratus Blue actually dates quite a bit further back than this. Many will recall Stratus Blue's previous iteration, the commercial division of the popular and very Apple-centric: Technology Centre.

At that time, the Technology Centre was experiencing a surge in demand for business-focussed I.T. Solutions and services. This put some pressure on the companies business model at the time, which was a drop-in service and repair centre for predominately Apple consumers. So the decision was made to separate these entities so Technology Centre could focus on the consumers, while Stratus Blue began to focus on the business customer and their more demanding requirements.

Tony and Eric, current directors of Stratus Blue, took up the challenge of creating this standalone business formalising the name Stratus Blue Ltd. and officially opening for business 3 years ago.

Since that time, Stratus Blue has grown rapidly becoming a vital part of the Managed Services "furniture" in Tauranga. Now reaching wider across the Bay of Plenty with offices in both Tauranga and Whakatane. Stratus Blue has made a solid effort to support the local community holding events and supporting charities including sponsorship of campaigns like More.FMs "Stuff The Bus" and more. The company continues to provide free or heavily discounted solutions for Not For Profit organisations and Charities and has always positioned itself as a family first company.

It hasn't all been plain sailing for Stratus Blue mind. It's tough work establishing a new business like this in a crowded marketplace. Despite these challenges though, the future is bright for Business I.T support and services in the Bay Of Plenty - it's New Zealand's fastest-growing business technology centre, relying on companies like Stratus Blue to help them move further into tools like "Cloud", embrace the Internet and enjoy the benefits of rapid change in a modern technological society.

Please join us in saying Happy Birthday to Stratus Blue, I.T. Support and Services Made Easy!


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