Do You Feel Sad, Watching A Robot Get Beaten?

It's remarkably tough to watch this video. A robot attempting to pick up objects is harassed by its owners, supposedly in the name of testing for real-world applications.

You can't help but feel a little empathy for the poor machine as it goes about it's testing.

The video shows a humanoid type machine built by Boston Dynamics, balancing on things and catching objects, only to be hit with a chair and even shot at in one scene. It starts to raise some internal quandaries - should we feel for this robot? It doesn't feel pain, or likely have any issue emotionally to the abuse and realistically we wouldn't care if it was an inanimate empty box, but because it shows human-like traits we instinctively struggle with it inside.

Interesting then to think what challenges we may face as a society come time these robots walk the streets huh...

Fortunately, no real robots were harmed in the making of this. In fact its simply CGI magic created by some very talented visual artists - using motion tracking, software. and a perfect target for the protagonist a Boston Dynamics robot well documented to suffer similarly if not quite so brash, treatment.

Great video here, especially if you have seen Boston Dynamic videos before - and ten points if you can spot a flaw that might give away that it is not real - I can't!


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