A World Without Google?


This month sees a Google hit a major milestone. 20 Years since it first became Incorporated in 1998. It was barely a speck on the radar back then, but it still had some pretty serious support from Angel Investors among them Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Andy Bechtolsheim (Sun Microsystems)

It was subsequently offered up for sale to Excite in 1999 for $1 million dollars and CEO of Excite at the time, George Bell, made the wise decision to decline. (Perhaps he was looking instead to buy a house in Auckland? ) And Within a few years, the tech giant we know and love today was having its name approved as a verb in the Websters Dictionary, denoted as: "to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the Internet".

Google was offered up for sale to Excite in 1999 for $1 million dollars and CEO of Excite at the time, George Bell, made the wise decision to decline.

Within its first decade, it was turning over 50 Billion in revenues a year growing at a rate of 35% year on year. Because of this rapid growth, Google was able to acquire many companies but none more costly than its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility in 2011. This acquisition was indented to help the company manage some of the patent issues it was experiencing around it's Android operating system.

In 2011 Google had an alleged 900,000 Servers. That is a heck of a lot of computing power! Not to mention energy requirements to run it. So shortly after committed to using 100% renewable energy sources to power them.

"Just Google it"

Google Search You know exactly what that means because of how synonymous Google has become with the internet and all that it offers. We now turn to the famous web search tool for answers to critical questions like "where do I find this?", or "when did this happen?" This seemingly infinite repository of information fascinating us for years. Need an answer? just Google IT!

So where would we be now if Google Search never existed? the need was obviously there and Google just happened to fill it, so I'm sure another company would have got in there and filled the requirement had Google fail to arrive. God forbid It had continued to be AOL.. but without a doubt, it was more than just the way that Google solved the problem that saw us commit in droves to this mega brand, it was the way they did it that made it so great.

Googles dedication to simplicity was its success. It still looks very similar to how it did all those years ago. It didn't force feed us information it just sat patiently waiting for us to ask. It carried on that throughout the years almost perfectly ensuring that it kept a low profile in our lives, while it almost completely consumed it.

Google Maps

Google Maps is now also synonymous with navigation. We all wonder how we used to navigate before and although we seemed to get around just fine before this aid, reverting back to the skill of map reading seems almost now impossible.

Apple maps suffered for many years in the wake of Google maps but has now stabilised and again, I'm sure others like Navman or Garmin would have continued guiding us growing and developing new products to help - but it was the way that Google helped guide us that was the reason it became so great. it was there on our phones even when we weren't in a car. It gave us information about the place we were going if we needed it and documented our journey to make it better next time. all quietly, and again very low key.

Android Mobile Operating System

Android was another of the reasons we fell for Google. When Apple pushed the smartphone craze button and we all gathered up our pennies to fork out horrendous amounts on these new fancy phones, it was very welcomes when Google created a platform that was available to developers to create a wide range of applications and skins to help us adjust the phone to our liking rather than commit to the one size fits all mould. Obviously, this came with its degree of problems and Android was also a culprit of many bugs and issues, but it gave us affordable smartphones that nearly all could afford.

It was how it did it that made us fall in love with it. now Android is the most popular mobile operating system by leaps and bounds

Google's ability to grow so strongly year on year is a testimony to it's capability as a successful business. Sure it has money to burn and some of the greatest minds in the world running it - but it's true success lies in it's dedication to the beauty of simplicity.

Just like those 6 colourful letters that wait quietly for you to ask a question so should we remember that patience truly is a virtue.

Don't believe me?

just Google it.


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