A Cause Worth "Not Fighting" For.

Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust's vision is focussed on Whanau wellbeing,

Recently we were approached by Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust who had outgrown their previous IT provider and had been referred to us for support. 

I spoke briefly with Amanda, Operations Project Manager about who they are and what their vision is as an organisation. 

Their mission statement is: Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust operates a quality, confidential culturally appropriate service. Providing services to empower people to manage their lives and improve their quality of life Prevention Abuse.

The organisation was started in 1990 and is committed to the prevention of abuse of children and young people.

As an organisation, they actively promote awareness of the unacceptability of child abuse, the ways in which child abuse may be prevented, and the need to report cases of child abuse.

Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust's vision is Whanau well-being, being strengthened and empowered through quality service delivery. 

Their Values: Integrity, Quality, Honesty, Respect, Reliability, and Relationships.

Their values are to be expected of an organisation in a position of authority for people at risk: Integrity, Quality, Honesty, Respect, Reliability, and Relationships.

I believe their company philosophy aligns perfectly to their vision and states: We are the voice for those who cannot express and they are the expression of our voice.

I encourage you to seek out and support Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust who are a critical part of the community. Simply by supporting this great cause, you are helping to ensure the young impressionable minds among us are protected and develop into strong and healthy leaders of our future. 


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