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To get your business to take off from the ground to cloud, and to transform the digital side of your business, one of the programs we have to assist with this is our Pilot program.  Trials and demonstrations with key stakeholders within the organisation to test, measure, stretch and break before a full companywide rollout – minimising risk and disruption.


From our years of experience, we have identified many organisations have little to no I.T. strategy or have grown in size but not updated their strategy. This has resulted in siloed or fractured I.T. processes and systems.

We have found companies paying for platforms or software they no longer use and many using multiple platforms they could either consolidate, reduce down or optimise with just a little help from us. 


Stratus Blue offers the service of a Virtual information management team and Virtual technology officer where our range of professionals can provide support, advice and lead operational/organisational change for Technology in the organisation. 

This could be:


  • Technology strategy (in-line with Business Strategy)

  • Getting the most out of current systems

  • Identifying if the current systems are the right systems

  • Implementing the required improvements

  • Supporting the improvements. 

A simple review can help identify areas of improvement, gaps and strengths.  As small business owners and operators, there is a range of technology options available from off the shelve to custom built.  How do you know which ones are right for you?




Stratus Blue offers a software, platform and digital transformation program to assist you in running your business;


  • Discovery – Current State and ideal state analysis

  • Design - an Action plan for either current systems and current vendors for the ideal state.  Or look at other solutions that may get the desired outcome

  • Decision – work out the best recommendation and selection for ideal state objectives

  • Delivery - Working with vendors, developers and implementation patterns to make this happen.  Includes organisation and behaviour change management and our PILOT program.

This solution is exclusive to Stratus Blue Your outsourced IT department where you can call on where required.


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