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Stratus Blue’s Hardware as a Service is a modern service model simplifying how an organisation equips users with the right hardware, support, device management and lifecycle services to get the job done – improving end-user productivity, IT efficiency, and cost predictability.



Managing the day-to-day burden of device management often leaves IT departments little time to focus on innovation and strategic priorities that help drive business transformation. HARDaaS and CaaS both simplify this by offering a single predictable, per seat per month option.


With our HARDaaS solution, we can offer more predictable IT spending by removing the time-consuming tasks of supporting, securing, and managing multiple devices, allowing you to focus on what moves your organisation forward instead of what is holding it back. 


Effectively a form of rental service, the user receives hardware (laptop/tablet/pc and desk phone/ softphone) with their profile set up and all necessary links and applications to perform their duties. Stratus Blues proactive monitoring and maintenance and antivirus management. If there is a hardware failure or issue with the device, 
it simply gets replaced or fixed with another one in its place.


By outsourcing device management through a DaaS model, IT managers can reduce the constant complexity they deal with every day. With full visibility of their device landscape and the tools to make proactive decisions, they can drive the tech agenda rather than the tech driving their agenda.

  • Reduced IT effort to manage computing needs

  • Removing the Burden of end-user technology refresh and user management

  • Simple, non-disruptive deployments and supply chain

  • Antivirus Management adding security features

  • Managed Office 365 and email accounts

  • Proactive fault detection means less downtime or outages

  • Set cost structure gives you peace of mind


Reduced complexity
An IDC survey revealed that nearly 15% of an IT manager’s week is spent managing IT devices, and more than 50% of IT managers believe they spend too much time overall managing devices.

Simplified costs
DaaS offers a simplified cost structure that covers devices, software, management and other services. With the ability to adjust your spending on a month to month basis, you’ll be more adaptable to the changing needs of your business and your marketplace.

Advanced security
No other area is as important for device management as security. The threats our organisations face today can come from literally anywhere. A firewall and antivirus are no longer enough to keep us safe when attackers can breach our data and applications from the inside.

Improved visibility
With analytics and reporting capabilities from HP TechPulse in your DaaS solution, hardware and software inventory reports 
allow you to get an overview of:

As a small business, nothing is normally predictable,

but with HARDAAS all your device costs are fixed, so you know exactly what you are going to spend. 


Contact Stratus Blue to learn more about Hardware as a Service and how it could benefit your business today. 

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As a small business nothing is predictable - but with Hardware As A Service, all your device costs are fixed. You know exactly what you are going to spend.









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