Each business has its own needs and ambitions, so it’s critical that they are supported by their I.T. partner to meet these. For example, a business that wishes to evolve and leverage the benefits of new technologies is likely to want to extend its operations further into the cloud. Encouraging heavy infrastructure on the ground or in the office may not be the most effective way to assist that business to develop. Conversely, a business that is largely focussed on in-office operations and doesn't staff heading out for mobile work, may be better suited to plans that focus on the hardware in the office itself.  


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There is a lot of confusion about the “cloud” today. From public cloud to private cloud and hybrid solutions many people are unclear what the “cloud” is, but feel the need to be in it. Many vendors are pushing cloud solutions but are not taking the appropriate steps to consult with their clients ensuring the right approach is being taken to satisfy the business need. 


Let us help design the right way forward to ensure you take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud (or hybrid cloud) without compromising on speed, accessibility, reliability and security. 

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Plans Include

  • Cloud and Hybrid Cloud File Systems 

  • Hosted Email 

  • Hosted VoIP 

  • Cloud Backup 

  • And more! The sky is the limit with CloudFORCE 



Discover the power of the cloud by leveraging your current infrastructure and integrating it with cloud technologies. While file and print services may be better on-premises, other applications like Office 365 work better in the cloud - giving your business the best of both worlds

Plans Include

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  • Antivirus Management (Including Mobile) 

  • Office 365  

  • Cloud or Physical Managed Services / PC Maintenance  

  • Server and Storage Management  

  • Risk and Security Assessments  

  • Business Continuity Planning  

  • Audits and IT Reviews  

  • Disaster Recovery Planning  

  • Software and Application Reviews 



If you prefer to locate your servers on your own premises, then we can manage those servers for you. Additionally, we’ll manage all user workstations and laptops, and your entire network through a combination of on-site support and administration with remote monitoring. This is the traditional model of I.T. support. . Over the years we have perfected our On-Premises Support solutions to benefit our clients. 

Plans Include

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  • Customer Support Service Desk (Technicians)  

  • Onsite Management and Support 

  • Hardware Management and Support 

  • Scheduled Maintenance  

  • Monthly Reporting 

  • Account Management 

  • Hardware Procurement  


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