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Surfing or working on the Internet could be likened to swimming in shark-infested waters. Appearing peaceful on the surface, but full of dangers below. Malware, Viruses, Ransomware and Phishing scams are all trying to take a bite of your business. The danger is there, you know it, but like many businesses are unsure how protected you actually are from the dangers of these deadly "shark" attacks

Take our quick Cyber Security Assessment below to find out where you could be open to attack. 



Good. It's worth worrying about. 

Kirk Averett, general manager of cloud office at Rackspace, said all businesses today are legitimately concerned about data security, especially the loss or public sharing of sensitive data. “Attackers use email by pretending to be a trusted partner and then cleverly trick users into revealing private information like their login username and password to a valuable site online. Attackers then have valuable data and can often use that information to perpetrate additional damaging attacks against customers or employees.”

For a long time, email-based attacks weren’t very successful, and mostly preyed on the naïve, he said. The past three to five years have seen dramatic changes, though, with email-based attacks increasing in both prevalence and sophistication, and manifesting in many forms.

“For example, while the ‘spray & pray’ consumer phishing attacks of 10 years ago are still happening, more targeted attacks have also evolved to form new categories — think spear phishing, ransomware and business email compromise (BEC). And no doubt there will be more variations to come,” he said.

  • Email is the number one attack vector used by cybercriminals to breach enterprises and scam consumers. 

What you can do. 


The best thing you can do if you have concerns about your business cyber security or "shark cage" is talk to us about it. We can look at the situation from professional standpoint and make recommendations based on industry standards, or best practices. 

Sometimes we can just give you the peace of mind that your shark cage is very secure - I know i would want to know my shark cage was good enough when diving into the deep blue. 

The cost of improved security can be as low as 2.80 Per Month - this is affordable for every business and the peace of mind alone is worth more than this. 





' Zero cost setup is based on a typical remote install, or an on-site install that falls within our normal operations radius.


''User Device must meet minimum requirements:  Professional Operating system only - Windows 7,8 or 10 Professional 

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