this is bad-aas
Boardroom & display as a service

Something lurks inside your boardroom... By day it appears like any other boardroom: quiet, unassuming and all business. But by night, your boardroom dreams of being bigger and better - quite frankly, it dreams of being Bad-Ass!



Here at Stratus Blue we have heard your boardroom’s pleas for help and come to rescue it from the lacklustre board meetings and mind-numbing pie charts. We come bearing cool services to overthrow the stained whiteboards, messy pens and dusters and to lay waste to the wobbly flip charts and the clunky temperamental projectors with their dusty lenses.



So, when you hear the plaintive cry from that quiet unassuming boardroom, the only solution is:


Stratus Blue’s "BaDaaS" - Boardroom and Display as a Service.


Launch your business I.T. by contacting us and asking about Boardroom & Display as a Service today.

Nothing beats face to face contact, and opportunities lost due to the geographical barriers or complexities of your product could all be resolved with a powerful Video Conferencing System. Sound scary? It's not. Even my Grandma can Skype

Looking for a short term solution to your Boardroom needs? Meeting clients in your home or struggling to communicate with your clients off shore using face-time on your mobile?


Hire our boardroom and watch these problems disappear faster than you can shake a webcam.

Talk to us today about how we can elevate your business from ground to cloud

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